Advisory at George Junior High

GJHS Advisory Curriculum

January 25

Daily Announcements

For the Birds!

Watch “For the Birds” Pixar Short.

Use provided questions to guide group discussion about video.

For the Birds Pixar Short CLICK HERE

  1. Watch beginning to 1:10 seconds. Pause video.

Based on what you have seen, as a class, predict what you think might happen next?

  1. Watch 1:10 to the end.

Describe the attitude of the little birds vs. the attitude of the big bird.

What non verbal cues helped you come to this conclusion?

  1. Did the little birds have a choice in their attitude toward the big bird?
  1. Do you think they would have acted that way if they were alone? Does being in group make it easier to be unkind?
  1. What could the little birds have done differently to ensure a positive outcome for all?
  1. Did the Big Birds attitude change throughout the video or stay the same regardless of treatment? Describe his attitude.
  1. IF there was a winner in this situation who was it?
  1. Can you think of a time when you were a participant in a situation like this? Were you the big bird or one of the little birds? How did it make you feel? What do you wish happened differently?

January 21 & 22

Daily Announcements

Think About It Thursday & Friday!

Advisors will review the Looking Ahead to Graduation slideshow with students and discuss course credits.

Reminder for 9th Graders: SHS Academy Applications are due January 27.

Go to shs.sdale.org for more info and applications.

January 20

Daily Announcements

What to Read Wednesday!

To celebrate and learn about Martin Luther King, Jr our LMC put together an 11 min. video with interviews of GJHS Wranglers to explore our knowledge of MLK and how he positively impacted our country and the world. Six minutes of the video is MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Please discuss with the students how important it is to go to the primary source (the speech itself and personal quotes) if you really want to know what MLK said.

MLK Video

Please encourage students to visit the links below for more information, books, illustrations, images, timelines about Martin Luther King books and online resources available in our library and online.

MLK books on GJHS Catalog

GJHS LMC Website - Book Genres page for more MLK info.

There’s also an assignment in GJHS LMC Google Classroom for students that would like to participate in an extension activity that will be posted in the hallways.

January 19

Daily Announcements

Talk It Over Tuesday!

ALL students will participate in peer tutoring today. Consult your peers in Advisory, email friends from class to get help with homework, consult your peers, or create a plan to complete your missing work.


Counselor Corner can be found on the GJHS website, Students, Student Resources