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Springdale School District
Springdale School District 11 days ago

May 27 - June 26, Springdale schools summer meal program will offer curbside pick-up for the Grab-n-go lunches. Pick-up locations will be open MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY. For details in English, Spanish, and Marshallese, go to

J.O. Kelly Middle School
J.O. Kelly Middle School 17 days ago

KMS 2019-2020 Talent Show

Kelly Knights
Kelly Knights 20 days ago

It’s almost time for the Band Zoom for current 6th graders! If you signed up for band next year, you and your parents are invited to a zoom meeting this Tuesday at either 2:00pm OR you can come at 6:30pm! Whichever fits your schedule the best! Watch for the zoom meeting code in your daily email for Tuesday!

Kelly Knights
Kelly Knights 24 days ago

Tomorrow and Friday are the days! TRADE YA Days! Come through the car rider line, give us your library books, school owned band instruments, school owned uniforms, and we’ll bring the stuff from your locker and your PE locker to you! See you then!!